April 01, 2011

Oliva Cain Daytona torpedo

The newest edition to the Cain family is the Daytona. Today I am reviewing the torpedo version.

Oliva Cain Daytona Torpedo (6x54)

These cigars are  handcrafted by Oliva Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. This new edition consists of longfiller ligero leaves grown in the Jalapa Valley rolled in a lush, milder tasting Habano wrapper, making this 'straight ligero' blend very attractive to those who want a more medium-bodied Cain cigar.

The cigar started with some notes of cinnamon followed by notes of almonds and vanilla. The pepper is decent but not overly powerful. The finish was long with semi-sweet notes of vanilla.

About 1 1/2 inches in the flavors developed some richness. The finish also improved. However, you should be warned; this cigar is not going to overpower you. The regular Cain is at least twice as powerful as this cigar.

At the midpoint the flavors changed to include a semi-sweet grapefruit citrus mixed into the cinnamon. It's rather subtle but it added some richness. The vanilla remained just under the citrus and cinnamon.

I waited for the cigar to develop some pop but it just never did. It has nice flavor but I wish it had more. There are other sizes of this cigar that I plan on reviewing later but this is a review of this cigar and I want to be true to it. My review so far is accurate. Those who fear the regular Cain because of it's power will have no problem with this cigar.

The flavors definitely reached their peak at the midpoint and the cigar stayed fairly consistent from that point on. The finish had some nice rich vanilla notes with subtle almond notes and a little lingering pepper. But the cigar didn't have a lot of remarkable points. While I am a huge Oliva fan these cigars are obviously created for the medium bodied cigar smoking audience.

Score: 87


Anonymous said...

Did you forget a video review for Oliva Cain?

Tiny Tim said...

No, I tried, and tried, but the recording kept skipping. Digital recording that skips; go figure. So, no video review for that one. I have other sizes of the Cain and hopefully the recording will cooperate.