April 23, 2011

Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary

Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary (5x50)

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This is the 10th year of Punch creating the Rare Corojo and they wanted to celebrate it with a special release. This cigar uses a proprietary Connecticut corojo wrapper around a Connecticut broadleaf binder with a combination of Dominican Piloto Cubano, Honduran and Nicaraguan longfillers. These cigars are box pressed.

This cigar has been on the market since late March.

They come in red cabinet boxes.
The test draw was very good.

The first flavors were leather, faint vanilla, almonds, and cinnamon.

After a few minutes the cigar settled into a nice cinnamon and roasted almond flavor. The pepper is nice. The finish is long with vanilla and raw almonds.

Box pressed cigars need to be smoked slowly in order for them to burn evenly.

After another inch the cigar made a change. The orange citrus really kicked in. The roasted almonds are quite obvious followed by the cinnamon. There is a richness in the orange citrus. The finish continued to be a sweet vanilla and raw almond mix.

At the midpoint the flavors are, in order of prominence, orange citrus, raw almonds, and cinnamon. The finish is still raw almonds and vanilla. The cigar is quite enjoyable at this point. It is medium bodied at this point. The ash is a salt and pepper color. The combination of the sweet orange citrus and raw almonds is quite nice and thick.

In the final stages the cigar had no major changes. From 1 1/2 inch onward the cigar was primarily one of orange citrus, raw almonds, and cinnamon. This was a nice cigar that I enjoyed.

Score: 88

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