April 30, 2011

San Juan y Martinez churchill

San Juan y Martinez churchill (7x48) [Cuban]

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The San Juan y Martinez is a house cigar from Mercer Cigars in Merida, Mexico. Mercer Cigars is a La Casa del Habano shop (LCDH) so they sell legitimate Cuban cigars but they also sell house brand cigars made in Cuban by smaller Cuban factories. This is one of those cigars. San Juan y Martinez's factory is in western Cuba. Mercer describes this cigar as medium bodied and grades it as a "B" in quality of construction.

The cigar was triple capped.

The cigar is rather light in color; almost a Connecticut color. The test draw was firm which is not surprising as many Cuban cigars have a tight draw. I have been storing this cigar in my humidor at around 62% since February so that should have helped the draw somewhat. Cuban cigars are best when stored at a lower humidity.

The first draws gave way to semi-sweet grapefruit notes with some raw almonds. It had nice pepper and a rather short finish of raw almonds.

After the cigar settled in it had semi-sweet grapefruit and raw almonds with nice pepper. The finish was one of slightly sweet raw almonds. The ash was tight and the cigar burned evenly at this point.

At the 1/3 point the citrus notes are much more intense. It had a tangerine flavor and quite rich. The cigar had typical Cuban flavors, just as the website described.

At the midpoint the citrus notes have improved even more. There are also notes of vanilla. The pepper is very nice. It lingers on the palate. The finish is long with sweet almond and vanilla.

In the final 1/3 the cigar remained very rich. The citrus notes and vanilla are quite impressive. The cigar was medium bodied and approached full bodied. A very good cigar that I recommend. Mercer Cigars can be quite proud of this cigar. It was quite enjoyable.

Score: 91

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