June 24, 2011

Are you a hoarder?

I collect cigars. I smoke cigars. I smoke a lot of cigars. Sometimes on my travels I pick up special sticks and say to myself "I'll save this for a special occasion". Over the years I've said and done that numerous times. As I've gotten a little older and I learn more about cigars I now ask myself "what am I saving them for?" A cigar is created for one reason and one reason alone; to be smoked. While a cigar may be special, or rare, or whatever it's still a cigar and the only real way to enjoy it is to smoke it. Hey, just waking up everyday should be special enough to enjoy whatever cigar you want!

So lately, from time to time, and for no reason, I'll pick up one of those prized sticks and have it. And you know what? It made me feel good.

Now, since I smoke a lot of cigars I don't have my prized cigars every day or numerous times a day with the exception of being on vacation. When I'm on vacation I typically pack more than enough cigars for the daily smoking and they're all top notch stuff! Here's where several prized cigars are smoked! Like, on the deck of a cruise ship, or on the beach of some beautiful Caribbean island. I don't spare anything when I'm in my Caribbean element! Plus, I can usually pick up more sticks at a La Casa del Habano during the trip! Another WIN!

Anyway, back to my original point; try it! You know you have a stick or 12 that's being saved for some fictitious occasion. Oh sure, there are very legitimate special occasions that warrant saving cigars for but from now on I'm taking the approach of being happy to be alive and celebrating life's small pleasures! What better way to give yourself a special treat today than to have a great cigar? Who's with me?


Cigar Advisor said...

Hi Tim,
Great post. I concur; I do the same thing. I've got all these cigars that I've been saving for special occasions over the years. Lately, I started to smoke them for two reasons:
1) My New Year's resolution was I was going to avoid smoking cheap cigars as everyday smokes, except for a few true favorites.
2) I figure, why wait? Tomorrow I could be hit by a bus. Enjoy 'em while you got 'em is my new philosophy.

The Maduro Room said...

Tim, I agree! It always seems like we're living for tomorrow, and the truth of the matter is, tomorrow may never come. Enjoy what you've got today! On that note, everyone come buy expensive cigars from The Maduro Room!!! -Grady

Anonymous said...

So I have been hoarding Tim for 29 years now. Is it time to finally burn him. Tiny Woman

Anonymous said...

I also used to be a hoarder. I have quite a few special smokes but after a health scare, I decided to enjoy them. The funny thing was that some of those "special" cigars weren't all that special.
Sticks of MN