June 04, 2011

Cain Daytona robusto

Cain Daytona Habano robusto (5x50)

Oliva Cain Daytona Robusto Natural cigars, like their cousins, are handcrafted by Oliva Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. This new edition consists of longfiller ligero leaves grown in the Jalapa Valley rolled in a lush, milder tasting Habano wrapper, making this 'straight ligero' blend very attractive to those who want a more medium-bodied Cain cigar.

Cain Cigars are fairly new, debuting in 2010. The Daytona was introduced later that year and is the milder version of the original. The cigar is a medium brown in color. The test draw was very good.

Video review HERE!

The initial flavors were cinnamon, grapefruit, and pepper. I let it sit for a minute or two after I lit it.

About a half inch in the cigar is nice. There are a lot of sweet grapefruit notes with some vanilla. There is a lot of thick black pepper. You can taste and feel it on the draw and finish. The finish is long with thick vanilla. There are very light notes of almond in the spice. The cigar is medium bodied.

I have enjoyed this Cain Daytona much more than the previous one I reviewed. I have always been a fan of Nicaraguan tobacco and this cigar exhibits the characteristics that I love!

At the midpoint there was some richness to the citrus notes. This cigar is a step down in strength from the original Cain series. You could smoke this cigar almost any time of day.

Just past the midpoint there were some notes of cinnamon in the rich citrus. The pepper has remained very good. The citrus notes are not more of an orange than grapefruit. The burn was pretty even. The sweet notes of citrus and cinnamon play well with the pepper. The cigar has change a bit.

The final thoughts are...the cigar is medium bodied. It started with sweet grapefruit and vanilla with great pepper. At the midpoint it changed to more of an orange citrus and there were nice notes of cinnamon. The cigar was quite nice and I enjoyed it. So far, this is the best Cain Daytona I've had.

Score: 90


Anonymous said...

Good video review of the "Cain Daytona Robusto" I want to know what would be a good cigar to smoke in the morning?

El Paso, TX

Tiny Tim said...

That depends on your tastes but I would reach for something like an Oliva O natural, or perhaps an Oliva G. Other brands would be Perdomo Lot 23, Grand Cru Corojo, or Habano. These are medium bodied and will not hit you too hard first thing in the morning. Just a suggestion.