June 18, 2011

Kristoff Brittania Reserva churchill

Kristoff Brittania Reserva churchill (7x50)

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Wrapper:   Honduran Connecticut
Binder:      Cuban Seed Dominican
Filler:        Cuban Seed Dominican and Nicaraguan

The cigar has a pigtail cap and an unfinished foot.

Since this cigar has a pigtail cap I decided to twist it off instead of cutting the cap.
The cigar had a nice draw. After 3/4 inch the cigar had nice sweet notes of cinnamon and orange citrus and light vanilla. The finish is long with a 50-50 split of vanilla and raw almonds. The pepper is nice and lingers on the palate. The cigar appears to be mild to medium at this point. The flavors are very nice and sweet.

About an inch and a half in the cigar developed a richness in the spice. There is a rich orange citrus mixed with the cinnamon and almond notes. The almond notes give the cigar added richness. The cigar is still rather mild.

At the midpoint there were no major changes. The richness is very nice. There is a even split between the cinnamon and orange citrus. Closely following are the almond notes. The pepper is an appropriate amount for the cigar. The finish is more of a rich almond flavor with pepper at this point. The burn was pretty even.
At the point where I had to remove the band there were no changes. The cigar is rather consistent.

In the final stages the cigar stayed consistent. The cigar was very flavorful. It was mild to medium at best. While I am not a mild cigar smoker this cigar had very nice flavors and richness that I enjoyed. The pepper was very nice throughout. I would call this a morning cigar. Even a novice would enjoy this cigar.

Score: 88

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