June 11, 2011

La Herencia de Cuba Yellow label torpedo

La Herencia de Cuba Yellow Label torpedo (6 1/8 x 52)

This is the third in the series of color labels from La Harencia de Cuba that I've reviewed in recent weeks.

The La Herencia de Cuba Yellow Label torpedo utilizes:

Wrapper - Equador
Binder - Indonesia
Filler - Dominican Republic, Colombia

Video review HERE.

The draw was very good. The first flavors are a rich cinnamon and almonds. There is a nice amount of black pepper. The finish is long with rich vanilla with almond notes and lingering pepper.

After a couple inches the cigar has not changed much. There is a 50-50 split of cinnamon and rich almond notes.

At the midpoint there were no changes. I did have to make a slight touch up on the burn.

In the final stages the cigar remained consistent. The rich cinnamon and almond notes are still the major players. The almond notes may be a little more prominent but for the most part the cigar is unchanged. The pepper remained consistent also.

I found this to be a good cigar. The richness could have been a little more rich but I enjoyed the cigar quite a bit.

Score: 88

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