June 27, 2011

La Traviata maduro Intrepido

La Traviata maduro Intrepido (churchill) (7x54)

Introduced in 2010, the La Traviata maduro utilizes a Connecitcut broadleaf maduro wrapper with a Cameroon binder and Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers.

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The cigar is very densely packed and heavy in the hand.

I snipped just a little of the cap and gave it a test draw. It was a little firm. Like I said before, the cigar is very dense!

The first flavors were sweet coffee/chocolate notes and a lot of pepper. The cigar burned very evenly at light up.

About half an inch in the cigar had a lot of dark chocolate, pepper, sweet notes of orange citrus, and almonds. The finish is long with sweet chocolate.

At 1 1/2 inches the cigar has a lot of sweet notes. Along with the chocolate there is a rich orange citrus. The finish is long with sweet vanilla notes. The ash is very tight. The pepper is very nice and rounds out the cigar.

At about the midpoint the cigar has changed a bit. The sweetness of the maduro is more of a rich orange citrus and coffee notes. At the tail end of the spice you taste the almonds. The pepper seems intensified at this point.

At the 2/3 point the rich orange notes and coffee are pretty much dead even with each other. The almonds are still trailing behind. The cigar is medium to full bodied. I've had sweeter maduros and richer maduros but this is a good cigar.

In the final 1 1/2 inch the cigar made another little change. The almonds have added some richness to the spice. The flavors are still coffee, rich orange/almond, and black pepper. The finish is still long with sweet vanilla notes.

The draw became much better as the cigar burned.

Score: 90

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garth said...

The cigar was evenly packed and bounced aback accurately if squeezed. The pre-light draw had basal resistance, and had an earthy, natural tobacco flavor.

romeo y julieta