June 30, 2011

What the heck is that?

This was quite an interesting evening. Let me tell you about it.

We got home from the gym around 7:45 pm, just like usual. I noticed that Connie's car seemed different. I didn't remember it being parked in that exact spot. You see, I park next to it, to the left, and I could swear it was further to the left than when we left this morning. Connie and I work together, therefore we ride in together so how could the car have moved? Oh well, maybe it was there when we left this morning and I didn't realize it. After all, Connie did drive it yesterday to get groceries.

So, we go inside and put away the workout stuff and prepare for our usual Thursday night dinner. For me it's scrambled eggs! Yes, I love them. After putting my things away and setting up the coffee maker for tomorrow morning I came back downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and noticed that Connie had left the dining room light on. I asked about it and she said she must have forgotten to turn it off. Great, I thought, just waisting electricity. My frugalness was coming out! When I walked toward the stove to see how the eggs were coming something caught my eye. "What the heck is that", I asked. It looked like someone standing in the dining room. No, not someone, rather someTHING! With the light on (obviously Connie's way to get me to notice) I could see it was a cigar store Indian! And not a little one; a very big one. I moved into the dining room to get a better look. It was huge...and beautiful! I was looking eye to eye with him. It's that tall! Even the gun in his hand is removable and seems almost real! I asked "where did this come from"? Connie told me that her mom, who attended a family reunion over this past weekend in North Carolina, had seen it in an antique store and fell in love with it. She couldn't leave it. She knew I'd l ove it, so, she bought it for me! Wow! What a present!!! I've seen these in cigar stores over the years and know how very expensive they are but I never thought I'd actually own one!

The way it got here is just as amazing as the fact that it IS here. She could not get it home in her car for obvious reasons. It was just too large. So, Russell, a friend of hers who attended the reunion with her, drove back to Chimney Rock, North Carolina today in his truck, along with a friend of his, to get it and bring it back. Then they brought it to our house where Diane, Connie's mom, moved the car so that they could get the Indian moved into the house. She had popped into the office earlier this afternoon to get the keys to our car. I had no idea she was there. That explains why the car seemed to be in the wrong spot. It was!

What an effort to go through for me? I simply can't believe it. And he's absolutely beautiful! (seems weird to say that about a guy but hey, it's a real cigar store Indian!) The detail is stunning.

Here is my view from the kitchen when I first saw him:

I moved in closer to get a better look.

I told you he's tall. He's taller than Connie!

The view from the living room

View from the opposite side of the dining room

All I can say is THANK YOU Diane! You have just moved up to being the best mother in law in the world! I guess I need to name him. Hmmm...I'll have to think about that one for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you to have such a great mother In-Law he is beautiful looks better than some of the ones I have seen in most cigar shop enjoy it goes great with your dinning room even the colors blend in nicely with your dinning its a GREAT LOOK !!!!

R.L from Baltimore.

Tel said...
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Tel said...

glad the light was on, he mighta got shot! LOL very cool.

Docbarry said...

Congratulations on the surprise.

I have his little brother in my Man-Cave.