July 18, 2011

General Cigar New Product Info at a Glance

General Cigar is rolling out some new cigars for this year's IPCPR. Here is a brief rundown:

Macanudo New Frontmarks

Macanudo Café Court (4 3/16” x 36), SRP is $14.99 for a tin containing 5 cigars. Available in November. 

Macanudo Cru Royale Court (4 3/16” x 36), SRP is $12.99 for a tin containing 5 cigars. Available in November.

Macanudo Cru Royale Poco Gordo (4” x 60), SRP per cigar is $4.99. Available in August. 

Macanudo Vintage 1997 Maduro Robusto (5 ½” x 50), SRP per cigar is $8.39. Available in November.

Cohiba Edición Diamante

A rare opportunity to own a piece of premium cigar history, only 100 of these humidors will be released. 

Wrapper: Cameroon, from 1980 (same wrapper as Partagas 150)
Binder: Indonesian Jember
Filler: Dominican Piloto Cubano

Contains 150 never-before-released cigars. Humidor SRP is $4,125. 

Debuts in December. 

Six frontmarks:

Capa Reserva Robusto (5” x 49)

Capa Reserva Corona Especiale (6 1/2” x 42)

Capa Reserva Lonsdale Grande (6 1/4” x 47)

Capa Reserva Toro (6” x 54)

Capa Reserva Churchill (7” x 49)

Capa Reserva Gigante (6” x 60)

La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especiale

Inspired by an antique humidor, this collection spent eight years in the making.

Wrapper: CT Honduras
Binder: Nicaraguan and Mexican
Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican ligero; Nicaraguan and Dominican 

Debuts in mid-August at private tastings

Product will be available at retail in mid-September

Four frontmarks, each housed in boxes of 25:

SRP range is $7.00 to $8.15 per cigar

Taino (7” x 52) is $7.50 per cigar, or $187.50 per box

Habanero (6” x 52) is $7.25 per cigar, or $181.25 per box

Cubano (6 1/2” x 58) is $8.15 per cigar, or $203.75 per box

Club (5 ¾” x 47) is $7.00 apiece, or $175.00 per box

La Gloria Cubana Flechas Humidor Chest

Contains sizes and blends never-before-released under La Gloria Cubana “White Box” and Serie R collections.

White Box Wrapper: Ecuadoran Sumatra                                    
Binder: Nicaraguan                                                                  
Filler:    Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero                                 

Serie R Wrapper: Ecuadoran Sumatra
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Proprietary Ligero

Flechas frontmark (6 ½” x 49) 

Humidor chest SRP is $350 and contains 48 cigars each.

Only 250 sequentially-numbered humidors were made.

Debuts in November.


The first new collection created for CAO under the auspices of General Cigar 

Wrapper: Olancho San Agustin, from the proprietary 2008 crop
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf binder
Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran  

Debuts at retail in September 

Three frontmarks, each housed in boxes of 25.

SRP range is $5.75 to $6.75

Lot 50 (5” x 50) is $5.75 per cigar, or $143.75 per box                  

Lot 54 (6” x 54) is $6.25 per cigar, or $156.25 per box

Lot 58 (6 ½” x 58) is $6.75 per cigar, or $168.75 per box

General Cigar Gift Items

Please see the folder titled “GC Gift Items” for product information and photos. (Look for this in a separate blog post.)

More on each of these items in related posts.

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