August 13, 2011

Torano Loyal Robusto

Torano Loyal Robusto (5x56)

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This is one of the newest cigars from Torano, debuting at this year's IPCPR in Las Vegas. The cigars are available now at local shops.

“Our new brand Loyal is dedicated to my father’s long standing commitment to provide exceptional quality cigars without breaking the bank. To him cigars were never a far reaching luxury, but one of life’s simple pleasures”, said Charlie Toraño president, Toraño Family Cigars.

Loyal will be available in a 5x56 Robusto, a 6 1/8 x52 Torpedo, a 7x47 Churchill, and a 6x60 BFC, all with an MSRP between $4.95-$5.50.

Displayed in attractive 21 count boxes, the Loyal blend features fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, combined with a Nicaraguan binder and dressed in an oily Ecuadorian Sumatra seed wrapper.

The test draw was great. At light up the cigar had flavors of cinnamon, raisin, pepper, and citrus notes.

After 3/4 inch in the cigar settled down into 3 main flavors; cinnamon, rich almond, and grapefruit citrus. The pepper is very good. The finish is long with thick vanilla and almond with lingering pepper. The draw consists of a blast of cinnamon and pepper with secondary citrus and almond.

About 1 1/2 inch further the flavors seem to be changing positions. The grapefruit citrus is the main lead flavor with the rich almonds secondary. The cinnamon notes have subdued somewhat. The finish is still quite good and the pepper remains very nice.

With about 1 1/2 inches left the flavors seem to be competing with each other, almost draw to draw. On one draw the cinnamon is the lead flavor and on another the citrus notes lead. The finish is the one thing that has not change. It remains one of rich vanilla and almonds with lingering pepper.

In the final stages the cigar continued to jockey from one lead flavor to another. The changing of the flavors was nice as it made the cigar seem to change frequently. The cigar was nice and basic. Good flavors with nothing over the top. I think Charlie's father would be pleased with this cigar.

Score: 88

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