November 01, 2011

Vega Fina robusto event

Altadis sent me a box of Vega Fina robustos to share with some local cigar lovers so I invited several people to meet me at Hemingways Saloon and sample them. Tonight we met and everyone enjoyed the cigars. The overall thoughts about the cigar is it would make a good morning cigar. It is mild but has some really nice flavors. The initial spice flavors were well received by everyone. As you may remember, I did a review on the torpedo awhile back. Here is a link to that review.

A total of 9 of us met to sample the cigars. Here are pics from the evening.


Joelle said...

Hey Cigar dude! I follow you over on CC and am sure you have probably been alerted to this already and forgive me if you have, but wanted to share with you.

Speak Out! Keep the FDA out of your Humidors!

Tiny Tim said...

Thanks Joelle, and yes, I am aware of it. I have notified my congressmen. I hope they leave cigars alone!

Joelle said...

I figured you already knew. :) Hope to meet up with you on a ship one day to share a cigar. :)