January 21, 2012

Camacho Havana Diadema

Camacho Havana Diadema (8x60)

The cigar comes in a coffin. Here are several pics of the presentation.

When this cigar first came out in the 60's, it was manufactured in Nicaragua until production was moved to it's present home in Honduras. Very close to the Camacho Corojo line, with Corojo Binder and filler, this cigar is distinguished by it's Criollo leaf, grown in the same Jamastran Valley the Corojo tobaccos are from.

Camacho also makes a corojo diadema. Along with the Havana, these are the largest cigars made by Camacho. They normally come in boxes of 10. "The shape of the diadema really allows from some great complexity," said Dylan Austin, head of marketing for Camacho. "If you smoked a robusto or other shape in these blends and then smoke the Diadema, you'll see what I mean."

The cigars are both made entirely from Honduran tobaccos grown on Tabacos Rancho Jamastran, a farm owned and operated by Julio Eiroa, former owner of Camacho. The Corojo is made from Corojo-seed wrappers, while the Havana is made from a different variety of Cuban seed tobacco. All Camachos are rolled in DanlĂ­, Honduras. The Havana has a Habano Criollo wrapper. Criollo means native in Spanish.

Wrapper: Habano Criollo
Binder: Authentic corojo
Filler: Authentic corojo

Video review HERE.

I think this shape of a cigar is simply beautiful.

After cutting the cap I lit the "nipple" and let it spread.

Initially there were a lot of sweet citrus.

After just a couple minutes the flavors were sweet grapefruit citrus with rich almond notes and a nice amount of pepper. The richness was very nice. The finish is one of subtle vanilla with slight notes of grapefruit with lingering pepper.

After an inch or so vanilla notes appeared on the spice. I noticed a slight softness on the cigar but it wasn't too bad. The finish has a smoky flavor now. The cigar continues to be very flavorful.

Approaching the midpoint and I'm well over an hour into it. The richness seems to come and go at times. The primary flavors remain the same.

The cigar continued with the same flavors until the end. The cigar approached full bodied but never quite made it. I would call this cigar medium to full bodied. This was not the best Camacho I've ever had but I did enjoy it and would purchase it again.

Score: 89

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splattttttt said...

Just bid on a box from the devil. They have 250 to unload.
I have no idea what the Oettinger Davidoff Group has in store for Camacho brand, so I'm collecting as much of it as possible, while getting to know CLE... Christian Lois Eiroa's new brand.
Thanks for the write up Tim.