January 22, 2012

Viaje Oro Torpedo

Vieje Oro Torpedo (6x52)

(from the AtlanticCigar.com site)
Owner of Viaje cigar Brands Andre Farkas has been creating blends that have been receiving tremendous buzz throughout the cigar world. His blends are extremely limited production cigars, most of which sell out in only a few days. Viaje has teamed up with the Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras, makers of some of the finest cigars made with Nicaraguan tobacco on the market today. The Viaje Oro cigar brand are Nicaraguan puro's, which means they are made using 100% Nicaraguan tobacco. This blend is full bodied, made with a Corojo '99 wrapper, Viaje goes one step further with the making of their cigars by using two Nicaraguan binders which provides additional complexity to their cigars. High quality grade 'A' fillers are used to finish up this outstanding blend.

Video review HERE.

The cigar is a beautiful reddish brown and very well made. After clipping the cap the test draw was good. I lit the cigar and the first flavors were heavy leather with some light grapefruit notes and a lot of black pepper. The cigar feels full bodied even at this early stage. I let the cigar sit a minute.

After a minute or two the flavors settled down into leather, grapefruit citrus, vanilla and pepper. The finish is one of almond, which I found unusual. The cigar has some sweetness.

The ash is very dark.

After an inch and a half the grapefruit notes are more prominent. The leather has taken more of a secondary place. The pepper is very good. The cigar seems more balanced now. The finish is more of a creamy vanilla now.

Just a bit further the cigar showed signs of richness. I found this to be a good change. The vanilla seems to be giving the cigar it's richness. The burn is very even.

The cigar did not change much through the end. The cigar is very leathery, so if you like leathery cigars you will like this cigar. The other flavors of grapefruit citrus and vanilla added to the cigar nicely. The pepper remained very good throughout. I enjoyed this cigar but it is not one I would smoke everyday.

Score: 90


Anonymous said...

You stole the whole first paragraph from the Atlantic Cigars description without giving them credit. Shame.

Tiny Tim said...

They now have credit preceeding the description. Thanks for pointing that out.