February 22, 2012

Arturo Fuente Work of Art (4 7/8 x 46/60)

One of the prized Fuente cigars, the Work of Art is a beautiful figurado cigar that is extremely rare and  made with aged Dominican tobaccos. The Arturo Fuente Work of Art cigars are considered to be the finest of all Fuente cigars, and as always the Fuente Work of Art sticks are smooth, with a Medium bodied taste. The wrapper on the Arturo Fuente Work of Art Cigar is an specially selected Cameroon wrapper that gives it that sweet taste.

These are part of the Hemingway collection which is highlighted by the African Cameroon wrapper.

Video review HERE.

After cutting the cap I lit only the nipple at the foot. The draw was very good. The initial flavors were a blast of sweet vanilla and pepper with faint raw almond.

After a minute or two the flavors settled into one of sweet, creamy vanilla, pepper, and cedar. The finish is one of raw almond with some vanilla. I expect the vanilla to really become prominent on the finish later. The initial spice flavors are a nice mix of cedar and vanilla.

About an inch in the cigar is still quite sweet. Cameroon cigars are known for their sweetness. The finish is now one of vanilla. The cigar is medium bodied at this point.

About an inch and a half in the ash was very tight. The burn is very even. There are now cinnamon notes! The cedar notes have given way to a nice cinnamon which is mixing nicely with the vanilla. The cinnamon is actually playing the lead flavor over the vanilla. The pepper remains very good. The cedar is still there but it's very faint. The finish is still pretty much vanilla but there are faint almond notes.

At the midpoint the cinnamon notes are becoming rich. The almond on the finish is now toasted almond. I believe the vanilla is helping the cinnamon to become rich. Nice pepper all around and it is lingering somewhat on the finish.

The cigar remained very rich and sweet with cinnamon notes to the end. The roasted almonds on the finish are nice but the finish goes to one of only vanilla if you play out the finish for a long time. I really enjoyed this cigar but it is not a powerhouse Fuente cigar like an Opus or Anejo. This cigar is in a class by itself.

Score: 91


Lucy Storey said...

I'm viewing your blog for my hubby who is a cigar man. I have a question as to how you can smoke the cigar and the ashes not fall off. Do you leave the ash on for a reason?

I am enjoying your reviews and will pass them on to my hubby or surprise him when he takes me to the cigar bar to pick out a stogie, as I call them. Tampa has some great cigar bars.

Tiny Tim said...


Thanks for the comment. The reason I leave the ash on for as long as possible is when you tap it off you actually tap off part of the fire causing the cigar to burn improperly. Now, you eventually reach a point where you have to let if fall off or gently tap it so that it will fall off or you run the risk of it falling in your lap!