March 24, 2012

Macanudo Cafe Gigante (6x60)

This is the new size Macanudo that I first told you about in February. These are now available in natural and maduro. I will review the maduro later but today we're sampling the natural. I expect the cigar to be mild, as it uses the usual Connecticut tobaccos, but I'm curious if the larger ring will give the cigar any additional flavors or richness.

Video review HERE.

The cigar is well made and densely packed.

After cutting the cap the test draw was good. The initial flavors were light vanilla, some pepper, and some raw almond. I decided to let it rest a minute before I continued.

The cigar settled down into one of  light coffee notes, vanilla, and a little raw almond. There is some decent pepper in the spice. The finish is light vanilla.

A couple inches in the burn was a little off which I think was my fault. The cigar is going along nicely. I would think this would make a good morning cigar. The vanilla notes have some nice richness to them now. When combined with the coffee notes they remind me of a cup of coffee with cream!

At the 2/3 point the cigar remains consistent. The vanilla notes on the finish have some added richness which was nice.

At the end of the cigar I must admit I was a little surprised at the amount of richness the vanilla notes had. The cigar is still a morning cigar to me and I would expect most experienced cigar smokers to say the same. It would also make a good cigar for a beginner. They could experience rich vanilla and nice pepper. The larger ring contributed to the added richness. Nice cigar.

Score: 86

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