March 02, 2012

Maduro Room 5th Anniversary Event

Grady Marsh started The Maduro Room 5 years ago and tonight was his anniversary event. The event was well attended as it has been every year. This year he had reps from Fuente, Kristoff, Camacho, Avo, and Drew Estates. The reps onhand were David Ludwig with Fuente, Rich Myberg with Kristoff, Steve Dickinson with Camacho and Avo, and Zev Kaminetsky with Drew Estates. The place was jumping! Great crowd; great cigars! Now, I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Mike Derrick, Brant McCormick, and me

Mike Falls and Grady Marsh man the front desk.

Zev talking cigars

Conne with Mike Derrick and Brant McCormick

Zev Kaminetsky, rep for Drew Estates helps Mike Derrick with his selection.

David Ludwig, Fuente rep, running some of the raffles

Steve Dickinson, rep for Camacho and Avo with David Ludwig, rep for Fuente

Rich Myberg, rep for Kristoff

My haul from tonight's event


Connor McIntyre said...


Was this the event you have in Columbia SC every year? I hope not, I really want to attend and I am in Charleston SC. How do I get on your mailing list?

Connor McIntyre (Smokey Warrior)

Tiny Tim said...

No Connor, this was just a local shop event. My event is Saturday, April 14th at Hemingways Saloon in Irmo, SC. We start at noon. Good to hear you'll be here. It will be huge! If you're on Facebook send me a friend request and I'll link you to the event. If you're not on Facebook I can email you the info.