April 07, 2012

Padron Anniversary 64 Maduro Exclusivo (5.5x50)

The Padron Cigars are often tagged with the boutique label because they are hand crafted in very limited numbers. For the Padron Company the reason is simple and straightforward. You don’t mass produce superior cigars – because they employ only the very best tobacco leaves available.

This Padron Anniversary 64 Exclusivo was supplied by CigarsDirect.com.

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Padron Cigars are all Nicaraguan using only the best tobacco. This cigar uses a maduro wrapper. The cigar is very well made and square pressed.

After cutting the cap the test draw was very good. The initial flavors were sweet dark chocolate and wood with nice pepper. There is another sweet flavor that appears to be some sort of citrus.

About 1/2 inch in the cigar settled down into one of  a dark semi-sweet grapefruit citrus with a ton of black pepper. The finish is a nice vanilla with a great deal of lingering black pepper. The cigar feels full bodied already. The burn has been very even so far. A better term for the chocolate flavor might be a bitter sweet dark chocolate.

At the one inch point an additional flavor is now apparent; cedar. That is the flavor that was not strong enough to detect initially but now it's quite prominent. The band is quite loose signifying the cigar is dry enough to smoke nicely. Initially the band was tight around the cigar but now the cigar has aged and dried enough to give a great draw. The grapefruit/cedar notes are becoming rich. The semi-sweet chocolate notes have decreased and the grapefruit/cedar notes have increased. The flavors are now evenly distributed. The black pepper remains strong. The finish remains one of vanilla which is now creamy.

At the midpoint the chocolate notes now seem to be more of a coffee flavor. That's the only major change at this point.

With about 1 1/2 inch I can say that there are definitely coffe notes now. The cedar notes are more prominent. The grapefruit citrus notes have decreased somewhat. The pepper remains very good. The finish remains one of a creamy vanilla. The cigar remains very full bodied. The coffee notes are quite prominent.

At the end of the cigar the cedar notes are the lead flavor between the grapefruit citrus and cedar. The coffee notes are still abundant as well as the black pepper. This was a good cigar. If you like heavy coffee, full bodied cigars you should like this one.

Score: 91

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Spencer Whetstone said...

The 1964 Annos are superb.