April 01, 2012

VegaFina Jose Seijas 2011 robusto (5x56)

The new VegaFina’s fuller-bodied blend is highlighted by a rare, highly sought-after San Andrés Criollo wrapper, premium Dominican binder and the finest Dominican fillers.

Jose Seijas is one of the industry’s legendary cigar makers, and this new addition to the VegaFina brand represents the culmination of his many years of cigar mastery.

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés Criollo
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Made in: Dominican Republic at Tabacalera de Garcia Ltd.

These cigars are a very limited production of only 2500 boxes of 10 cigars each.

It was announced on January 26, 2012 that José Seijas would retire from Altadis effective immediately. Seijas is 61, and began working for Tabacalera de Garcia when he was 24. Seijas’s role will be filled by Javier Elmudesi, a 15-year veteran of Tabacalera de Garcia who will take the title of factory manager.

Vega Fina cigars are very popular in Europe.

In October, 2011 I reviewed the regular production of the Vega Fina which was quite mild but had some nice flavors. This cigar is a fuller version with a different combination of tobaccos.

Video review HERE.

After cutting the triple cap the test draw was very good! The cigar feels very good in the hand and is densely packed.

The initial flavors were a sweet grapefruit citrus and leather with an abundance of black pepper. This cigar already tastes fuller bodied than the original Vegas Fina. The finish is one of almond at this point.

Only about a half inch in the cigar has settled down  into a rich, sweet grapefruit citrus. The leather is secondary and the pepper remains amazing. The finish has changed from almond to a sweet vanilla with some carry over of citrus notes.

About an inch in there was another flavor that helped the sweet grapefruit citrus. Vanilla is helping the citrus to become rich. The burn is a touch off but not that bad. The cigar is medium bodied at this point. It may go medium to full bodied.

At the lower band the grapefruit notes now appear to be orange in flavor and really stand out. I removed the lower band and continued.

As I approached the main band the orange citrus has lost a little of it's richness. The finish has more almond notes now combining with the vanilla. The cigar lost a little with the reduction of richness.

At the end of the cigar the richness came back! I'm not sure where it went but at least it returned. The cigar remained one of rich orange citrus, vanilla undertones, and leather with great pepper. The cigar did not make major changes so I would not say it's complex. The orange citrus is the main flavor. The finish was one of mainly vanilla with additions of almond or light citrus at different points. I enjoyed this cigar and it finished up as medium to full bodied. Good cigar.

Score: 90

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