May 20, 2012

Casa Magna Colorado Diadema (6.75x54)

The Casa Magna represents the ultimate collaboration between two cigar legends, Manuel Quesada of the Fonseca enterprise and Nestor Plasencia. Nestor’s farms produced the Nicaraguan puro leaves used in the construction of this very new cigar introduced to the world in 2008. The Nicaraguan filler is embraced by a very special Cuban-seeded Colorado Ligero wrapper also grown in Nicaragua. This deluxe oily wrapper augments the complexity of the filler, delivering one memorable smoke to the enthusiast lucky enough to procure a box of these beautiful cigars.

The Casa Magna is indeed the product of a great house, the meaning of its name, by the way.

This cigar was provided by which also sells other sizes of the Casa Magna.

Video review HERE.
This is a beautiful cigar. It is a dark brown with some reddish hues. Great construction. This cigar is a joy to look at.

After cutting the pigtail cap the test draw was very good. The initial flavors at light up were sweet. There was a lot of black pepper and leathery cedar. When I expelled the smoke through my nose I could really feel the pepper. The finish had sweet notes. I let the cigar sit for a minute before continuing.
Less than 1/2 inch in the cigar settled down into one of cedar, tangerine citrus, leather, coffee, and a ton of black pepper. The cigar already feels full bodied. The burn is very good. The cedar is the predominant flavor and the tangerine is secondary. The pepper plays nicely with the cedar and tangerine. The leather and coffee round out the flavors.
About 1 inch in the leather has become the main flavor. Cedar is secondary and the tangerine is faint. The coffee notes complete the flavors. The finish is a mix of almond and vanilla. The pepper lingers on the finish. The cigar continues to burn very evenly. The cigar has a heavy leather tone to it at this point.
Close to the midpoint the tangerine flavors have returned. There is a slight richness that seems to be coming from the leather. The finish continues to bounce between almond and vanilla.
At the band the leather is the main flavor by far. There are some coffee notes rounding it out but they are subtle. The cedar is secondary and the tangerine citrus is faint. The finish has become one of a light vanilla and the pepper continues to linger. The slight richness continues and it still appears to be coming from the leather.
At the end of the cigar it was obvious that the cedar notes were giving the cigar a slight richness. They are discernible now. The tangerine notes went away entirely. Light coffee notes round out the spice. The finish continues to be one of vanilla and lingering pepper. For those who like leathery cigars this is the cigar for you. I found this to be a good cigar. There are times when I want a full bodied leathery cigar. Although I am not a huge heavy leather cigar this is a really good cigar that is beautifully made.
Score: 88

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