July 28, 2012

E. P. Carrillo Inch no. 64 Maduro (6 1/8 x 64)

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The Inch is the newest creation from E. P. Carrillo measuring a full inch in diameter. Cigars are measured in 64ths of an inch (for the ring) and this cigar is a full 64 ring, or an inch in diameter. This cigar is a little darker than the natural and it's also triple capped and very dense.

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican (Piloto Cubano, Corojo and Criollo ’98)

I love E. P. Carrillo cigars and looked forward to trying these new creations. As you may remember the natural version scored very good with a rating of 93. Now it's time to review the maduro version.

The test draw after cutting the massive triple cap was great, almost effortless. That's impressive from such a huge cigar. The initial flavors were coffee notes, something like an espresso with a ton of black pepper. There are also some grapefruit citrus notes. There are not a lot of sweet notes at this point.

About 3/4 inch in the cigar is burning very evenly. The flavors settled down into espresso, cocoa, cedar and still a lot of black pepper. The finish is a toasted cream with lingering pepper. The cigar is medium to full bodied at this point. There is a cedar sweetness to the cigar.

At the 1 1/2 inch point the cigar developed a nice richness. It's a creamy richness that coats the palate that carries over to the finish. It appears the cedar notes are producing the rich notes. The cigar continues to burn evenly.

At the band the cigar there are notes of oak in the spice. The other notes remain the same for the most part although the cocoa notes are decreased and the cedar has lost some of it's richness. There are still sweet notes but they are not as rich. The finish remains the same.

At the end of the cigar the espress notes remained strong as well as the cocoa but he cedar decreased. The richness of the cedar has gone away but there is still a hint of sweetness. The finish has pretty much remained  unchanged. This cigar did not achieve the richness that the natural had for the duration of the smoke. This cigar has a lot of espresso and cocoa notes and if you like those type flavors you will like this cigar. This was a good cigar but in my opinion I enjoyed the natural much more.

Score: 90

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Joel Sorrentino said...

Another winner by EPC.