August 18, 2012

Ventura Cigar Co. Estilo Cubano Toraso (5 3/4 x 54)

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This is another cigar from the Ventura Cigar Company. The cigar is called the Estilo Cubano and the size name is Toraso, 5 3/4 x 54.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Viso Habano
Binder: Habano
Filler: Honduran Seco Habano, Ligero Habano (Esteli and Costa Rica)

It is obviously very dark. The cigar is very well made with no veins or defects. One of the first things you notice is the pigtail cap.

The cigar is quite weighty in the hand and very dense.

I decided to twist off the pigtail instead of cutting the cap. This would give the most length to the cigar. After twisting off the pigtail the test draw was firm but I decided to go with it anyway. The first flavors upon light up were espresso coffee, vanilla, and pepper. I decided that this cigar needed to sit for awhile to let the flavors develop.

About 1/2 inch in the flavors settled down somewhat. They are now espresso, cedar, cream, and pepper (4 out of 10). The finish is a toasted vanilla with very little lingering pepper. This cigar has a lot of dark notes. The espresso is the lead flavor without a doubt. The cigar is very much like espresso with cream.

About 2  inches in the espresso notes are still heavy. There are also notes of wood and earth. The cedar remains secondary with some sweet notes. The cream notes have decreased. The finish remains a toasted vanilla and a little more lingering pepper. This is a cigar is one you could have after dinner even if you did not have access to coffee. The espresso flavors in the cigar would suffice! The cigar is medium bodied. The burn of the cigar has been a little off from the beginning.

Just before the band the burn continues to be a little off. There is now some richness in the cedar and instead of vanilla the notes are lightly roasted almonds. It was nice to see some richness in the cigar. The other notes of wood and earthiness are still there but by far the main flavor is espresso. The pepper remains about the same. The finish has not changed much.

The cigar ended up one of primarily espresso coffee. The previously described almond notes have now changed back to cream and some of the richness is still there. The pepper upgraded to a 5 out of 10. The cedar remained pretty much constant. The finish also did not change much remaining one of a toasted vanilla for the most part. I would have liked the cigar to have the richness it had just past the midpoint for the duration of the cigar. The burn could have been better also. This cigar is perfect for anyone who likes heavy espresso flavors with some cedar sweetness.

Score: 87

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