September 19, 2012

Inside Cuban Cigars (Book review)


I have been asked many times to review various cigars and I'm always happy to do it. Recently I was asked to review a different type of cigar item; a book on Cuban cigars. Well, of course my curiosity was peeked so I agreed to read the book and give some feedback to the author.

As soon as I started I could tell this was not your usual Cuban cigar book. The author took time to detail the history of tobacco and how it came to Cuba. Also, how it's grown and why Cuban cigars have such a distinctive flavor. This guy had really done his homework. Plus, he's been studying the art of cigars for the past 25 years and he's been to Cuba and experienced their world.

In the book you'll learn just about anything you could want to know about Cuban cigars. You'll also learn about their packaging which is necessary when spotting fakes on your travels about the world.

The author goes by the pen name Tabakmann. The book is available on and is very affordable. Both Kindle and paperback versions are available.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is packed with information. Anyone who is serious or just curious about Cuban cigars owes it to themselves to get good, legitimate information on this art form. This book will do just that for you.


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