October 07, 2012

Graycliff B-cuz Triple Robusto (6x54)

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The B-cuz, Graycliff Cigar Company’s second new 2012 blend has a smooth Graycliff Cigar flavor with medium strength and a touch of authentic Bahamian spice. A great introduction to the Graycliff brand at a lower price point, the B-cuz is blended with tobacco from Nicaragua and Honduras, with an Indonesian binder and wrapper from Ecuador.
Packaged in a bright neon orange box of 21 cigars, the B-cuz by Graycliff Cigars are available in two vitolas:
Torpedo 6x52, suggested retail price $7.95
Triple Robusto 6x54, suggested retail price $7.50

B-cuz you (as a cigar smoker) deserve it, is where the name came from.
The cigar is triple capped and look at that density!

The test draw after cutting the cap was effortless. The initial flavors were grapefruit citrus, vanilla, and pepper. There was a slight amount of richness noted already. The finish is very short and hard to pin down upon light up. The pepper is a 6 out of 10.

About 3/4 inch in the flavors settled down into a sweet, light grapefruit citrus with vanilla giving the cigar richness, and coffee, along with a nice amount of black pepper. The finish has now become one of a sweet cream with very little lingering pepper. The finish is also what I would call a dry finish. The cigar is medium bodied at this point. The spice is very nice tasting and there seems to be another flavor in there besides citrus and vanilla. The Graycliff company calls the spice a "Bahamian spice", which I don't know what that is but perhaps that's the missing flavor!

Just a bit further the cigar developed a nice buttery richness to it. The sweet grapefruit is still there but now it has a buttery richness to it! There is cream and coffee. Now there seems to be a leather trying to sneak into the spice. Some of that buttery flavor has crept over to the finish. Just a few minutes ago the finish was a dry finish and not it's a buttery, or rich cream. That was a nice change.

With a couple inches left the buttery-ness is not gone but the leather notes have come forward to combine with the citrus. There is still a coffee base but the vanilla is also gone. The finish is mostly unchanged with cream but there are also a few citrus notes.

At the end of the cigar some of that buttery richness came back! The leather is still very prominent along with the sweet grapefruit. Some of the coffee base is still noted and the pepper remained very good. The finish has a few citrus notes that were added to the cream and some lingering pepper. I actually found this cigar to be very good but please note that you must smoke this cigar slowly. If I ever sped up too much I lost the flavors. This is a good addition to Graycliff's lineup especially for those who want to try a Graycliff without paying the normal Graycliff prices.

Score: 90


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