November 04, 2012

Man O' War Side Projects Little Devil (5 1/2 x 44)

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This is the last of the house brand reviews for Cigars International. Many of you have heard of this cigar but perhaps not this version. The Cigars International site describes the Man O' War Side Projects Little Devil cigar like this:

Some cigars invigorate the enthusiast, but are merely a daily task inside the factory. Man O’ War cigars enlivens the Esteli-based fortress of which it was spawned, inspiring the very hands crafting it to work beyond perfection. To exceed one’s talents and stimulate creativity. This internal drive has generated a new breed of Man O’ War cigars known to the factory as Man O’ War Side Projects. A brash refusal to become complacent; an exclusive series of unique shapes and sizes and modified blends to produce an unrivaled cigar experience. A new breed of Man O’ War cigars for the exploratory enthusiast.

Man O’ War Side Project: Little Devil
- A petite, but ultra-flavorful 5.5"x44 size
- Extra-fermented Habano Sun Grown wrappers
- A strong, heady smoke
- Notes of earth, cedar, coffee, and pepper

I do not have information on the binder and filler of this cigar. Perhaps it uses the same binder and filler of the regular production Man O' War, I simply do not know.

The cigar has an unfinished foot and nice density.

After cutting the cap the test draw was good. The initial flavors were sweet cedar, coffee, and leather notes. The pepper was nice. I gave it a 5 on the Tim scale. There are a lot of coffee and leather notes. The cigar has a lot of dark, deep flavors. The finish had notes of roasted almond and cream. In order to let the flavors develop I let the cigar sit for a minute or two.

About 1/2 inch in the flavors did not settle down much. The leather is very prominent. The cedar is sweet with some nutmeg flavors from time to time. There is a touch of richness at this point. The finish has settled down into one of a cream. The leather is quite heavy on the front end but the cedar keeps the leather at bay. There is also a touch of cream in the cedar. I would call this cigar full bodied at this point. This is a powerful version of the Man O' War. I feel there is a decent amount of ligero in this cigar as I can feel it.

At the one inch point the cedar notes seem to be more of a nutmeg now. There is some richness now with some cream notes backing it. The leather and coffee remain unchanged.

The cigar changed very little since the past notes. The nutmeg notes are the first thing you get now but it transitions to cedar. The earthy, leathery notes are quite prominent with some coffee notes backing those up. The pepper remained at a 5 throughout. The finish, while being one of primarily cream also has some of those earthy, leather notes. There was a nice amount of lingering pepper on the finish. This cigar was good. It finished full bodied. The earthy, leathery notes are prominent but the nutmeg/cedar notes keep the leather toned down enough to make it very enjoyable.

Score: 91

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