November 03, 2012

South Carolina Sit Down no. 17

A small but enthusiastic group met at Hemingways Saloon in Irmo, SC for the 17th edition of the South Carolina Sit Down. While only 24 people attended the atmosphere was great. General Cigar stepped up and supplied some cigars for us to enjoy and also sent some raffle items.

CAO Concert and La Gloria Cubana Habanero

Raffle items supplied by General Cigar

The grand prize was a travel case with 6 Partagas Decadas cigars valued at $149. George Scott was the big winner taking home the Decadas. A huge thank you goes out to General Cigar for sponsoring today's event.

Once again all money raised in the raffle went to SisterCare, Inc. Today, with only 24 people attending we raised $395 and one of our attendees also gave a personal check to SisterCare for $25 making the total for today $420!

We also had some new attendees to the S.C. Sit Down. While they enjoyed today's events I urged them to come to the spring event in April as it is at least 10 times larger than today's event. Our event continues to grow.

Here are some pics of the day:

Phyllis and John from Raleigh, NC. John is a charter member of the S.C. Sit Down

George Scott, right, winner of the Partagas Decadas traveldore and cigars

Connie, my wife, with Jack Porter, another charter member of the S.C. Sit Down

Casey McBrair, charter member of the S.C. Sit Down

Yours truly

Great afternoon full of great cigars and great people. The next South Carolina Sit Down (no. 18) will be Saturday, April 20, 2013, the Saturday AFTER the Masters golf tournament. See you then!

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