February 17, 2013

Pinolero Toro (6 x 52)

Video review HERE.

This is A. J. Fernandez's latest creation. Pinolero is a colloquial term meaning "local". This cigar comes on the heals of A. J.'s hugely successful cigar called San Lotano.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Cuban seed Nicaraguan and Fernandez Family Secret

The cigar is a nice medium brown and well made. One thing you immediately notice is the pigtail cap.

The cigar feels weighty in the hand and has nice density.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors immediately at light up were a blast of oak and leather. It quickly settled into one of leather, cedar with some sweetness, what appears to be vanilla but what I later determined to be cream, and pepper with a rating of 6 or 7.

About 1/2 inch in the initial flavors were accurate but now there is a ton of leather! The finish is a cream and it's on the faint side. There is a touch of lingering pepper.

About 1 1/4 inch in the cigar has balanced out somewhat. The leather has toned down and that made the cigar better. There are also nutmeg and coffee notes. The finish now is a straight cream and has some sweetness. It's much more noticeable now too. The cigar is medium bodied.

About 2 inches in the cedar and nutmeg are going along nicely. The leather remains toned down. There are some nutty notes popping up that remind me of pecan. There is some richness now but not quite to the pleasing point. The finish is sweet cream but initially you get some leather and nut flavors.

At the band the cedar is prominent. The nutmeg and cream are toned down. The cigar has lost it's richness. The leather is also quite prominent as well as the nutty flavors. The finish is unchanged. The cigar is still medium bodied.

The cigar wound down much like it was in the previous post; cedar, light nutmeg and cream, pecan, leather, and coffee. The finish is pretty much unchanged. The cigar ended up medium to full bodied. This cigar was a little inconsistent. There were periods of richness but they came and went. Here at the end there were some points of richness. This cigar was good but it just didn't click with me. I have had several churchills and toros and the toro was the best of these two.

Score: 88

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