May 11, 2013

4/19 Robusto by Juanitos Cigarros (5 x 50)

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Juanitos Cigarros is a boutique cigar company which makes their cigars in the Dominican Republic. They utilize tobaccos from various regions in the Caribbean. The owner, Juan Carlos Jimenez, makes his home in Beaufort, South Carolina.

A month before this year's S.C. Sit Down Juan paid me a visit at my office. He is a very nice guy with a great sense of humor. Juan was born in Cuba and left many years ago. He became interested in the cigar industry at the age of 5 when he took his first puff of a cigar. He fell in love with them immediately. In 1997 he founded Juanitos Cigarros which primarily makes private label cigars with many of them going to the European market.

Today's cigar is probably Juan's favorite. The numbers 4/19 signify the date he left Cuba. This cigar is comprised of:

Wrapper:  Connecticut Shade / Ecuador - Natural

Filler:  Blend of Four Aged Tobaccos: Cuban seed, Habano (Nicaragua / Honduras), Olor (Cibao Valley) & Ligero / Seco Piloto Cubano (Dominican Republic)
Binder:  de Olor / Dominican Republic 
The cigar is well made and has a nice density. 

The test draw after cutting the cap was effortless. The initial flavors were a sweet cedar with some nice cream notes. The pepper is at a 4 or 5 at this early stage. There is a touch of citrus which add some sweetness. The cigar is mild to medium at this point.

About 1 inch in the flavors now are a nice, sweet cedar/orange citrus combination. The sweetness is very thick but not rich at this point. There are also earth and a touch of coffee. The pepper has intensified to a 6. The finish is a toasted cream with oak notes. The cigar has also increased to medium bodied. The cigar is burning very evenly also.

With a couple inches remaining the cigar is very nice. From the 2 inch point until now the combination of sweet cedar and orange citrus kept increasing in intensity. There is a touch of richness now. In the place of the earth notes you now have a charred oak flavor. The cedar and citrus combination was so sweet and intense it tasted like a cherry syrup. This cigar must be smoked very slowly or will miss a lot of these flavors. The cigar is medium bodied and very enjoyable.

This cigar could easily be a great morning cigar for me. The sweet cedar/orange citrus notes remained very good. The lightly charred oak notes gave it a nice base. The finish remained consistent at a toasted cream with oak notes. The pepper remained at a 6 rating. This cigar took about one hour to smoke. I appreciate Juan sending this cigar for me to try. Obviously he took a lot of time to create this cigar. For inquiries about purchasing his cigars go to his website.

Score: 89


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Anonymous said...

that sounds amazing...cigars that taste like cherry syrup wow!