July 05, 2013

1502 Black Gold Toro (6 x 50)

Video review HERE.

The 1502 Black Gold looks like a piece of chocolate. It's a very dark brown and is box pressed.

1502 Cigars come from a company known as Global Premium Cigars (GPC) which was founded by Enrique Sanchez Icaza. Their cigars are distributed by Emilio Cigars.

The date 1502 signifies the year that Christopher Columbus discovered Nicaragua.

I have previously reviewed the Ruby and Emerald versions of the 1502 cigars and both achieved a score of 91.
This cigar, like the other versions, utilize the partially closed foot which Enrique calls the "cigar lock". A portion of the wrapper folds over the foot.

The test draw after cutting the cap was just a bit firm but very workable. The initial flavors were coffee, semi-sweet dark chocolate, and cedar. The pepper is about a 7 on my scale. The finish is up in the air. It tastes a little like an earthy coffee. I expect that to change.

About 1 inch in I can already tell this is a dessert cigar. If you were to have a large dinner and a rich, sweet dessert you might want a cup of black coffee. This cigar would solve that problem! Perhaps you could have the black coffee and this cigar! There are a lot of coffee and semi-sweet, or unsweetened, dark chocolate notes in this cigar which would taste very good after a big meal. The cedar has a light sweetness and it's just enough to break up all those dark tones. There are also a lot of earth tones in this cigar. The cigar is medium to full bodied from the flavor standpoint. You don't really feel anything to make me call it full bodied but it's more the flavors that cause me to call it full bodied at this point. The finish is still a little odd. There's hardly any finish at all at this point. There are some faint earthy coffee notes but that's about it. Again, I expect that to change.

A couple inches in the flavors on the front end have not changed but their order of intensity are lightly sweet cedar and heavy coffee and earth tones at the same time. Behind those slightly are the semi-sweet dark chocolate notes and pepper. The finish now is one of a cream with some light toasted notes. There is also some lingering black pepper now.

Just past the midpoint the lightly sweet cedar is a little more prominent. Everything else is about the same as before. The cigar now feels full bodied. You can feel the ligero. The lingering pepper on the finish has also intensified.

With about 1 1/2 inches remaining I noticed some hints of charred oak on the front end. They don't last long but you do notice them. The cigar is burning very slowly and I'm trying to smoke it as slow as I can.

Here at the end there weren't a lot of changes. You will notice flashes of cocoa from time to time. They are nice when you yet them. The strength of this cigar grew as it burned. You are definitely at full bodied status by the final third. This is a heavy, dark cigar and I could not smoke it every day but it would definitely have it's place in my rotation. It is a great after dinner cigar.

Score: 92

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