July 05, 2013

1502 Emerald Toro (6 x 50)

Video review HERE.

1502 Cigars come from a company known as Global Premium Cigars (GPC) which was founded by Enrique Sanchez Icaza. Their cigars are distributed by Emilio Cigars.

The date 1502 signifies the year that Christopher Columbus discovered Nicaragua.

I have previously reviewed the Ruby version of the 1502 cigars and it achieved a score of 91.

This Emerald cigar is somewhat of a mystery as to the exact info. While it is primarily Nicaraguan, using corojo Habano, Esteli, and Condega tobacco, it also has some San Andres (Mexican) tobacco. I believe the wrapper is corojo Habano but I'm not sure.

This cigar has the same partially closed foot that the Ruby had.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors were lightly sweet grapefruit with cream notes, with light leather and earth notes. The pepper is around a 6.

About 3/4 inch in the leather and earth notes are really moving forward. The grapefruit notes seem to be changing but I am unsure at this time what they are changing to. The big move was the uptick in the leather and earth. The finish is one of a light cream with some oak. There is a little lingering pepper also.

About 1 1/4 inch in the transformation is complete. The citrus notes have changed to cocoa. The leather and earth notes are still quite prominent but the cocoa is trying to equal them. The ash is quite tight and the cigar is burning very evenly. The cigar is rather mild at this point; I'd call it mild to medium. I expect it to move up over the course of the cigar. The cocoa notes have a little sweetness and remind me of cocoa powder!

At the midpoint the cocoa notes are changing into a lightly sweet cedar. There are also some charred oak notes now. The leather and earth are still consistent and act as a nice bottom. The cigar is now medium bodied and seems to be heading toward medium to full bodied.

With only about 1 1/2 inch remaining the oak notes have really moved forward. The cedar is still light. The leather has decreased and the earth are still the base. The strength is up to medium to full. The finish is a lightly sweet cream with some oak notes. There is also some nice lingering pepper.

The cigar ended much as it was in the last segment. Lightly sweet cedar and oak with earth as the base. The leather disappeared altogether. The pepper moved up to a 7 over the course of the cigar. The finish was a toasted cream, due to the oak notes. The cigar ended up as medium to full bodied. This was a good cigar and it is totally different from the Ruby. I would call this a very good cigar and look forward to reviewing the Black Gold, which is the next in the series.

Score: 91

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