July 03, 2013

Alonso Menendez Brazilian cigars now available to U.S. market

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July 3rd 2013 – Dona Flor USA officially announced today the availability of the Alonso
Menendez line of premium Brazilian cigars for US distribution. Chris Edge, president of
Dona Flor USA stated that very few people and only a couple of stores in the US even
know about the Alonso Menendez line.

The line was actually the first to be manufactured by Menendez Amerino under the
guidance of Benji Menendez in 1980. Europe was the main market at that time and with
the rich, deep flavor of Mata Norte tobacco combined with the creamy smoothness of
Mata Fina tobacco, the Alonso Menendez was instantly a success there.

Plans were to re-establish the Dona Flor brand first because it had already gained
acceptance with American consumers. Once that was accomplished, plans are to
reintroduce the Alonso Menendez line with it’s richer, fuller bodied profile. Those plans
were already on the table for this year at the IPCPR 2013 when Cigar Journal announced
both lines were nominated as Best Cigar and Best Brand – Brazil.

For those unaware of the history, Alonso Menendez became famous for creating the
Cuban Montecristo #2 and the Montecruz after acquiring the H. Upmann factory in
Havana. His sons Benji and Félix continued the old fashioned traditions when they
relocated to Brazil and formed Menendez Amerino in 1975. Benji later moved on to
General Cigar while his brother Félix Menendez continued to lead operations of
Menendez Amerino in Brazil. He was later joined in 1995 by Arturo Toraño of the well
known Toraño family.

“Brazilian tobacco is some of the finest tobacco on the earth,” states Félix, “and the fact
that its flavor characteristics are so close to the Cuban tobacco is why we are here.
Mata Fina tobacco, grown only in Brazil, is unsurpassed for it’s dark, creamy, smooth and
naturally sweet flavorful profile without any bitterness. It is truly unique.”

Also slated for introduction at the IPCPR 2013 is a very special limited edition, small batch,
personally signed and numbered by Felix and Arturo, introducing the Precioso 36 Edição
Limitada. Only 400 boxes will be available, so be sure to see them at the show.
Dona Flor USA and Menendez Amerino will be located in Booth 3340 and 3341 at the
upcoming IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas in July.

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