August 24, 2013

King of Kings Cuadrado (6 x 64)


Video review HERE.

King of Kings is from Kings Cigars in Pompano Beach, Florida. They have 2 factories; one in Santiago, Dominican Republic and one in Esteli, Nicaragua. These cigars come from the Esteli factory. They are Nicaraguan and have this blend:

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Habano Criollo
Filler: Kings proprietary filler

Kings Cigars debuted this cigar at this year's IPCPR. They plan on going nation wide with this cigar.

The cigar is large! A full 64 ring that is box pressed. It is a medium brown in color and has a nice feel in the hand. Here is a shot of the foot.

The test draw after cutting the minimum from the large cap was effortless. The initial flavors were tangerine citrus, underlying cream, a touch of earth, and coffee. I can detect nutmeg notes creeping in. The pepper is very good and rated at between a 7 and 8. A nice start.
About 1 inch in the flavors were about like initially noted. There are still the sweet tangerine notes but there are now nutmeg notes attached to them. There are light earth notes and coffee. There are now some oak notes that come and go. The cigar is medium bodied at best. The finish is a toasted cream with some lingering pepper. Since this is a box pressed cigar I am smoking it slowly and it is burning very evenly.

Here at the band there are some changes. The flavors have changed over to a cedar flavor and heavy oak notes. The previously described oak notes that came and went are definitely here and in abundance! The light earth and coffee notes are still there.  The finish is still one of a tasted cream and lingering pepper. I would call the pepper a black pepper.

The cigar ended up like the last segment. The heavy oak notes are still in abundance. This has been a very enjoyable cigar but to me it lost a little when it changed from the sweet tangerine and nutmeg notes to cedar and heavy oak. The cigar remained medium bodied. The finish remained unchanged throughout. If you like heavy oak notes you will like this cigar as it transitions to that about midway through. The cigar took 1 hour 45 minutes to smoke. I would smoke more of these cigars and I hope they go nationwide soon.

Score: 91

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