August 04, 2013

Room 101 Serie HN (Namakubi) 305 (5 x 50)

Video review HERE.

This is the newest edition from Room 101 and the Namakubi collection.

The 'H' stands for Honduran Criollo ligero, which gives the cigar richness and layers of spice. The 'N' stands for the Dominican region of Navarette. Located near the coast, this tobacco produces notes of cream and natural sweetness.

The cigar appears to be well made and feels quite dense in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. After lighting the cigar the initial flavors were a sweet cedar, light cream, dry oak, and earth. The flavors hit with such an impact that it took at least 1/4 inch to pin down the flavors. I even got notes of bourbon in the mix. That's a first for any of my reviews.

About 3/4 inch in I am satisfied with my initial assessment except I left out leather notes. As I said before, there were so many flavors hitting at once I missed the most obvious one! The cedar and cream combination is very sweet with some richness. They also combine to give you a flavor of sweet cherry (not black cherry). Also, shortly after beginning the cigar I noticed a tear in the wrapper. You can see it in the photo. I am not going to let that ruin the experience and judge the cigar, for the most part, on the flavors. The pepper is about a 6 rating which I would categorize as a white pepper. The cigar is medium bodied and shows potential of going medium to full bodied.

A little over an inch in the cedar and cream have become very rich. The two flavors make a nice sweet cherry flavor. The leather and earth are right behind those flavors and gives the cigar a nice base. The bad spot near the band is not getting any worse and is not affecting the draw. The flavors are reminiscent of some of the previous Namakubi cigars that I've reviewed.

Just past the midpoint the finish, which I have not commented on up to now, is a sweet vanilla. There is now some lingering white pepper and the pepper on the front end has now ticked up to a 7. All the flavors on the front end are balanced and you get them all at one time. I am very close to the split in the wrapper and I will find out a lot more after removing the band. The cigar has great flavors. I am enjoying them quite a bit despite the tear in the wrapper. It  has not ruined the experience.

With about 2 inches remaining the leather notes have greatly decreased. Now, there are dry oak notes in their place. There is still some light earth and the two main sweet flavors of rich cedar and cream are  unchanged. As you can see in the photo the wrapper is not burning evenly so I decided to touch them up. The flavors, however, which are what I mainly judge a cigar on, are great. The loss of the leather did not hinder the cigar at all. The dry oak makes a good replacement.

As the cigar ended there were still some burn issues but the flavors were consistent with the previous segment. The two consistent flavors on the front end were the cedar and cream. The finish remained unchanged also. I decided to give this cigar two scores. One for the flavors and one for the overall score. As far as the flavors, this cigar was great. I loved the sweet, rich cedar and cream combination. The leather and earth notes gave the cigar a nice based initially. Then, with the leather subsiding the dry oak notes did a fine job as they combined with the light earth notes. For the flavors alone I score this cigar a 94. Perhaps the wrapper will do better next time.

As far as the overall score, taking the wrapper issues into account, I am rating the cigar a couple points lower. This is a very good cigar and any fan of the other Room 101 Namakubi cigars will love this cigar also.

Score: 92


Mike Quesnell said...

Can not wait to try one of these.Thank you for the review.

Tim Rollins said...

In spite of the wrapper problems I picked up a Gordo last night at the local shop.

Corey Dubin said...

-Corey in Los Angeles

Tim Rollins said...

Thanks Corey!