October 05, 2013

Aging Room Maduro Rondo (5x50)

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Aging Room Maduro cigars are the highly anticipated maduro from Rafael Nodal of Boutique Brands, maker of the Aging Room cigars. This cigar uses a Nicaraguan maduro wrapper with Dominican binder and filler.
The cigar is well made and is a dark brown. There is a little oily shine to the wrapper.
Here is the foot of the cigar.

I cut the minimum from the cap and the test draw was a little firm. I could have re cut it but I like to take the bare minimum from the cap. The firm draw was definitely workable.

The initial flavors were coffee, light cedar with some sweetness, light cream, and earth. There is actually quite a bit of earth tones in the initial first few puffs. The pepper is around a 7 rating. The finish is rather earthy with a sprinkling of cream.

About 1/2 inch in the cigar is burning very evenly. The flavors are pretty consistent with the way it started. There are hints of cocoa popping up but they are not there yet.. The pepper is a black pepper. The finish is more of a cream now with some earthiness. It is also rather short.

About 1 inch in the cedar notes are a little sweeter. There are a more hints of cocoa. I can detect a mix of cocoa with the cedar. The coffee notes are still good and the earth is still prominent.

About 1 1/2 inches in the earth notes have decreased to a more enjoyable amount. I'm not a big earthy flavor guy. The coffee is still good and there is definitely now a good mix of cocoa and cedar with a nice sweetness. The pepper remains good, especially on the finish. There is a lot of lingering black pepper on the finish. The cream notes have improved on the finish. The cigar is medium bodied and shows signs of going to medium to full bodied very soon.

With about 1 1/2 inches left the earthiness is still decreased. The other notes of coffee, cedar, and cocoa are fairly balanced. The pepper is still very good at between a 7 and 8 rating. The cigar is now very close to full bodied. It has made a large move upward in strength.

For a maduro cigar the coffee notes are not overpowering. They are actually secondary to the cedar and cocoa, after they got going. There is still some earthiness but it's very enjoyable. The cigar started with a large amount of earth but became subdued around the midpoint. The cigar is definitely full bodied now and you can feel it. The cigar also burned very evenly. The only thing I would have liked is more sweetness and some richness in the cedar and cocoa but that's not a deal breaker. This is a very good, full bodied maduro.

Score: 92


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