February 08, 2014

Arturo Fuente Destino al Siglo De Pasion (6 3/4 x 49)

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The Destino al Siglo is the cigar commemorating Fuente's 100th anniversary. It was originally scheduled to roll out last year (2012) but they decided to push it back a year after the fire that devestated the Fuente factory. These cigars came out in December, 2013. Fuente is very secretive about their blends so not much is known about this cigar. The wrapper comes from Chateau de la Fuente, the same farm where Fuente Fuente OpusX wrapper is grown. Destino al Siglo's wrapper, however, is a different seed variety (Habano) than OpusX (Corojo), and it's grown in the open sunlight, making them different from the OpusX.

The construction is, as you would imagine, flawless. The cigar has a nice feeling density. Here is a shot of the foot.

The cigar has 2 bands, both quite ornate. This is nothing new for Fuente when it comes to special cigars. Just take a look at the Opus X band. 

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good, almost effortless. The initial flavors were a bit surprising; sweet orange citrus, vanilla notes, light leather, earthiness, and coffee. I let the cigar sit for a minute to settle down to see where the flavors would go.

About 1 inch in the burn is perfect. I am satisfied with my initial accessment with the addition of sweet cedar to go along with the sweet orange. The finish is a bit like tapioca pudding; not cream or vanilla but a little darker flavor. The pepper is a black pepper rated at a 7. There is also some nice lingering pepper on the finish.

About 1 1/2 inches in now. Destino al Siglo means a century of destiny. There are now some roasted nut flavors mixed in. The light leather is going away and in it's place are the roasted nuts. The sweet flavors of cedar and orange are very sweet and rich. The coffee acts as a nice base and there is a touch of earthiness. You also get the roasted nuts, somewhat, on the finish which is now one of toasted cream with roasted nuts, which is not that far from tapioca but since we have roasted nuts on the front end I'll go with the toasted cream with roasted nuts to describe the finish.

Right at the lower band and about one hour in the flavors are fairly consistent. There are a lot more sweet cedar notes and roasted nuts. The citrus is an underlying flavor now. There is a nice richness in the cedar and roasted nuts. The coffee notes are still holding the base. The finish is unchanged and the cigar is still medium bodied.

The cigar did not change that much from the last segment until now. There were notes of corn nuts from the last segment until the end. The cedar is still very sweet with some richness. The citrus notes are pretty much gone and the coffee is still the base. The finish is unchanged. The strength is very close to medium to full bodied now. These are in limited amounts at the local shops but they are well worth finding. You can get them online HERE. This has been a cigar worthy of the 100th anniversary of Fuente. Very tasty.

Score: 92

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