March 04, 2014

STOP FDA regulation of our cigars!

In 2009, the FDA was granted the authority to regulate premium cigars. As the agency draws closer to implementing regulations that would cause crippling harm to the premium cigar industry, Famous Smoke Shop has released a video that informs cigar smokers about the pending regulations and provides instructions on how they can make their objections heard.

Famous Smoke Shop is a leading online distributor of discounted premium cigars. The company specializes in offering the web’s widest selection of high-end, hand-rolled cigars to cigar enthusiasts all over the world. With anti-tobacco legislation at a fever pitch, the company has released an informative video outlining the potential impact of FDA regulation on premium cigars, and encouraging all cigar smokers to take action against the proposed regulations. These potential regulations from the FDA ignore the differences between cigarettes and premium cigars, and have the potential to irreparably harm small businesses that currently thrive in the small niche of premium cigar sales as well as severely impacting the freedom of legal adults to enjoy their product of choice.
To provide real information on these potential regulations to cigar smokers, Famous Smoke Shop has created a video outlining some of the regulation tactics that could be implemented by the FDA. Tommy “Zman” Zarzecki, Famous Smoke Shop Official Mouthpiece and long-time supporter of Cigar Rights of America, wrote the script and stars in this educational video. The video highlights potential regulations like banning of walk-in cigar humidors, banning cigar box art work, and a ban on mail order cigar sales.

The video goes on to explain why these regulatory tactics would be harmful to many small business as well as individual cigar smokers. There is a call to action for viewers to join and support Cigar Rights of America, a non-profit organization established to help protect the rights of cigar smokers. Famous Smoke Shop is an enthusiastic supporter of the organization, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the organization.

“The world of tobacco is under attack by exorbitant taxes and draconian smoking laws just to name a few,” says Zarzecki in this striking video. “The cigar industry faces some of the most serious threats imaginable – including extinction. The cigar industry by nature is a completely different product than cigarettes, and the FDA’s intrusion could become fatal to the pastime that we all love.”

The FDA has long delayed utilizing their authority to regulate premium cigars. However, there are many indications that the FDA is preparing to implement regulations in the very near future. Famous Smoke Shop has vowed to continue to raise awareness and support Cigar Rights of America and other organizations that work to educate legislators and the general public alike about the differences between premium cigars and other tobacco products. They intend to inform the public why regulations that are effective for cigarettes cannot be applied to premium cigars in the same manner without disastrous consequences both for cigar smokers as well as the estimated 85,000 American workers that depend on premium cigar sales as their main source of income.

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