April 24, 2014

Introducing the new Room101 Daruma Gold



Evolution is the process that separates those in motion from those who are standing still. As we at Room101 grow, we evolve in every way fathomable. Within this box
 you will find the evolution of the Daruma. The modifications you will experience in this particular blend are the by-product of our evolution and growth working within the
 premium tobacco craft.

This life has been nothing short of an adventure and we are proud to offer you tastes of this adventure encapsulated within these smoke-able vessels. With humility, we present to you an evolved taste of one of our finest cigars to date. We hope you dig it.

 San Andres (Mexico)

 Mata Fina (Brazil)

 Corojo, Criollo & Pelo de Oro (Honduras & Dominican Republic)

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