June 15, 2014

Dunhill 1907 Robusto (5x52)

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Dunhill 1907 is the first new full-time Dunhill brand since their Signed Range debuted in 2001. 

Yves Politi, head of British American Tobacco Ltd.'s Dunhill cigar division said, "in the century since opening its flagship tobacco shop in London, Dunhill has remained synonymous with exquisite cigars in elegant packaging. 1907 celebrates the Dunhill brand's time-honored tradition of tobacco mastery, while incorporating elements that speak to the modern cigar smoker's passion points: a fuller taste profile, accessible pricing and classic sizing."

Handcrafted by artisans in Santiago, D.R., 1907 by Dunhill is made with a proprietary blend of Dominican ligeros and Brazilian Mata Fina, bound with Dominican Olor and wrapped in a hearty Honduran Olancho leaf.

The robusto has a suggested retail price of $8.50 per cigar.

The cigar is well made and a medium brown with a slight reddish hue. The density is good and has a nice feel in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good with the perfect amount of firmness. The initial flavors were a sweet orange citrus with cream notes, roasted nuts, and dry wood. You get these flavors immediately after light up. The pepper is a red pepper rated at a 7.

Almost an inch in the orange citrus has transitioned over to a sweet cedar. There is a heavy influence of the roasted nuts and dry wood. The cream notes are subtle. The cigar is medium bodied. The finish is a cream with some dry wood and roasted nuts. There is very little lingering pepper on the finish.

2 inches in there is a touch or richness showing up in the sweet cedar. The cigar is medium to full bodied now. Everything else is about the same.

With a little less than 2 inches remaining the sweet cedar remains very good and the roasted nuts are very close to matching the intensity of the cedar. The dry wood is subtle and the cream notes have dissipated. The finish and strength is unchanged.

The cigar ended medium to full bodied. The sweet cedar and roasted nuts are still your main players. The dry wood is subtle. These cigars were in shops in May so you should be able to find them anywhere that sells Dunhill cigars. Overall, this was a very good cigar.

Score: 91

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