July 13, 2014

H. Upmann The Banker Annuity (6 x 52)

Video review HERE.

This is the newest cigar from H. Upmann. The name has interesting roots. In 1844, German bankers Carl and Herman Upmann traveled to Cuba to create an exceptionally unique cigar and locked it away only to be gifted to their most special clients. After nearly 170 years, we have re-created that original blend.

The cigar is comprised of an aged Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder from the Jalapa region and aged Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers.

"The Banker" by H. Upmann is available in three sizes:
   - Currency 48 x 5 ½"
   - Arbitrage 56 x 7"
   - Annuity 52 x 6" (reviewed today)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican

It is a medium brown in color and had a nice feel/weight in the hand. Here is a hot of the foot.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors were a light, sweet orange citrus with cream notes. There were also light graham cracker notes. The pepper was a combination of white and red pepper. The finish is a sweet cream that is almost candy-like.

About one inch in the cigar is burning evenly. The original flavors are still intact. The intensity of the red/white pepper is rated at a 7. The cigar is medium bodied. The finish is unchanged. The front end flavors are very nice and the red pepper flavor really makes it that much better.

About two inches in and look at that burn line and tight ash! There are now some dry wood notes on the front end. I love to see a firm, tight ash. That's about 2 inches. There is also a little richness in the front end flavors, which is always nice.

With a couple inches remaining the red pepper notes have decreased and you're left with a white pepper. The graham cracker notes have decreased and the wood notes and earthiness are a little more prominent. The finish is unchanged as well as the strength.

The flavors continued to merge into what is now cedar and citrus notes. Gone are the graham cracker notes and cream. I got notes of white pepper with some red pepper notes at the end with the white pepper dominant. The wood notes also went away. The earthiness was subtle. The cigar was medium bodied and the finish was unchanged. This was a nice "light cigar" from H. Upmann. If the cigar had not change from what it was at the beginning and through the midpoint I would have liked the cigar more but it was a good cigar. These are on shelves now.

Score: 88

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