August 16, 2014

262 Cigars Revere Lonsdale (6 1/2 x 44)

Video review HERE.


First of all, this cigar was sent to me by one of my avid blog readers; Justin Lacy. He actually sent me 2. I sampled one of them last night to get a feel for the cigar. Today I am doing the actual review. This particular size of the 262 Revere was made exclusively for the J. Shepherd Cigar Shop in Louisville, Kentucky.

262 Cigars is all about our freedom to smoke cigars. They very much want the government to stay out of the cigar business. With this in mind they came out with the Revere line which is named for Paul Revere, and American Patriot.

This is a Nicaraguan Puro comprised of:

Wrapper: Nicaragua: Jalapa Valley
Double Binder: Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa
Fillers: Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa, Condega

This is a nice looking cigar with an oily wrapper. The cap is finished off with a twist; almost like a short pigtail. Here is a hot of the foot.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors at light up were a lot of dry wood and earth with a decent amount of pepper. It doesn't last long. About 3 minutes later they changed over to subtle sweetness of cedar and dry cocoa, coffee, cream, earth, and dry wood. The pepper is a black pepper rated at a 7.5. 

Due to technical difficulties the video jumps to the midpoint. From about the 1 1/2 inch point until now you have a nice sweet cedar with dry cocoa notes, black pepper AND red pepper rated at an 8+ in intensity, dry wood and coffee at the base. The finish is a combination of cream and dry cocoa with a mixture of red and black lingering pepper. The cigar is a solid medium bodied and shows signs that it may go a little fuller. I must say, the introduction of red pepper really made the cigar tasty!

The cigar ended with the sweet cedar with a little richness from the dry cocoa, dry wood, coffee, and the amazing flavor of black and red pepper. The finish was unchanged. The cigar ended on the upper side of medium bodied. I was very impressed with this cigar. Of course, I love Nicaraguan tobaccos and this cigar delivered. Remember, this particular size is only available at J. Shepherd Cigar Shop but hopefully it is a good representation of the other vitolas. Thank you Justin Lacy for sending this to me to try. It was a great cigar!

Score: 92


Upon reading my review the owner of J. Sheppherd Cigar Shop has made all my blog readers a generous offer. A nice discount on 262 cigars! Read below for various sizes and pricing.

They come in a corona (7.95), robusto (8.50) , lancero (9.25) , Toro (9.95) and our store exclusive, the Limited Edition pigtailed Lonsdale (9.50). All come in 20 count boxes, except the Lonsdale which comes in a box of 10. Anyone wanting to order from your readers can use the code TIMROLLINS and I will take 10% off any singles and 15% off a box purchase. If someone would like a Lonsdale box (95.00 retail) we will have $75 box special for them.  Our minimum order is just six cigars and usually come with a bonus stick(s).

All orders come directly to me as your personal cigar concierge. Call me directly at 502.741-9125.

Jason Sheppherd

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