September 27, 2014

E. P. Carrillo 5th Anniversary Toro (6 1/2 x 54)

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This cigar, which debuted at this year's IPCPR, signifies 5 wonderful years for E. P. Carrillo. It comes in one size, toro, and is available in boxes of 10. Only 3000 boxes were made. The interesting point about these cigars is they contain no Dominican tobacco. That's a first (I believe) for Carrillo.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Ecuadorian Corojo '99
Filler: Nicaraguan

This cigar was provided by Justin Lacy of Kentucky. He actually sent me 2 cigars to sample. Thank you Justin for sending them for me to review.

The cigar is dense feeling  in the hand and well made.

It is also triple capped.

The test draw after cutting the cap was excellent. The initial flavors at light up were sweet orange citrus, sweet nutmeg, dry leather, and white pepper rated at an 8. 

About 3/4 inch in the flavors are like above but add in dry wood and black coffee. The leather is becoming more pronounced. One thing that I found odd; there is white pepper on the front end and black pepper on the finish. The finish was also one of a toasted cream. The cigar feels medium to full bodied at this point.

2 3/4 inches in the cigar is consistent. There are a lot of leather notes combining with a lot of sweet citrus and nutmeg. The dry wood is a little subtle and the coffee is the base.The pepper is unchanged; white on the front and black on the back. This is actually pretty cool. The cigar is still medium to full bodied. This is a very leathery cigar for the Carrillo's and out of the norm.

At the primary band the leather and wood are by far the primary flavors. The citrus has faded and you are left with some sweet nutmeg. The cigar is no longer in balance. The cigar is very medium to full bodied and very close to full bodied.

The cigar ended much as it was in the last segment although the sweet notes that came back are the citrus notes. The other notes are about the same. I would say the cigar is now full bodied. It took awhile to get there but it's full bodied now. This cigar is heavy on the leather but for the most part it had equal amounts of sweeter notes consisting of citrus and nutmeg. This is a very good cigar signifying the Carrillo's 5th anniversary.

Score: 92

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Steve Ulrich said...

I have a box of 10 of these..Found them quite peppery..a little too much so..