September 28, 2014

Quesada Oktoberfest Kaiser Ludwig (6 x 49)

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(from the Quesada website)
Oktoberfest is one of the most famous festivals in the world. The yearly celebration attracts millions of people to Munich to partake in the festival, with millions more enjoying the famous beer produced for it. Traditionally, there is a cigar tent for Aficionados to enjoy a smoke with their brew. This year, the Quesada family has blended a cigar specifically to be paired with the flavorful Marzen-style beer produced for Oktoberfest. Blended with a variety of flavorful Dominican tobaccos, the Quesada Oktoberfest is available in very limited quantities. Enjoy them with your favorite Oktoberfest beer. Only released during the months close to October.

Made in: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican Cibao Valley
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: DR Cuban Seed Criollo & Olor Viso & Ligero

Available in these sizes:
The Uber         6 x 65
The Bavarian 5 ½ x 52
Das Boot         6 x 52 Belicoso
Kaiser Ludwig (Box Press) 6 x 49 (REVIEWED TODAY)
Kurtz         4 x 50
Krone         5 x 43

The cigar is very dark; it's a dark natural. It is well made and this particular vitola is box pressed.

It is also triple capped.

The test draw after cutting the cap was effortless. The initial flavors at light up were earth, espresso, and dry wood. There is a spice similar to pumpkin spice and cedar with a minimum amount sweetness. The pepper is a black pepper rated at a 7.5. The finish is a cream with some spice influence. The ash is almost like snow. It's very light in color.

About 2 1/2 inches in there are more standard sweet cedar notes but the overwhelming flavors are espresso, dry wood and earth. This is a very dark noted cigar. The cigar is medium bodied at best. It looks like it would be fuller but it's not. The finish has a nice amount of lingering black pepper. The finish is one of a combination of the pumpkin spice and cream. The flavor breakdown is 80/20; dark notes to sweet notes.

Nothing much changed from the last point to the end. The only changes were the black pepper ticked up to an 8. The other notes of cedar, pumpkin spice, dry wood, earth, and espresso remained, for the most part, the same. The cigar was close to medium to full bodied. This cigar will appeal to those of you who like dark noted cigars with minimum sweetness. I found the cigar to be a little too heavy on the dark notes for my tastes.

Score: 88

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