October 25, 2014

A. J. Fernandez New World Gobernador (Toro) 6 1/2 x 55

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The New World Cigar is very special to A.J.’s heart as it is the first cigar he has created together with his father, Ismael Fernandez. Named in honor of the discovery of tobacco by the Christopher Columbus expedition in 1492, 

Wrapper: Dark Nicaragua
Binder: Jalapa
Filler: Blend of Ometepe, Condega and Estelí

This is a new cigar from A. J. I purchased 2 of them from a local shop. I had the first one previously and this is the second one. The cigar is well made and box pressed. It does not have the heavy feel in the hand of some other cigars of this size. 

The bottom band is actually a ribbon with the initials of A. J. The main band is very glossy and nicely decorated.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors were a pronounced orange citrus; no tanginess, just straight forward orange, brown sugar, and black coffee. The pepper is black pepper rated at a 7.5.

About 8 minutes in and one inch. The brown sugar has decreased but there are now nutmeg notes and earthiness. The orange citrus has also decreased. The cigar is medium bodied. The finish is a sweet cream with some lingering pepper.

At the midpoint and 35 minutes in. A lot of the overwhelming sweetness and orange citrus has toned down. There is more nutmeg than citrus at this point. There are also some notes of dry wood to go along with the earth and coffee. The finish is unchanged. The cigar is still medium bodied. 

The cigar ended at 1 hour 18 minutes, which is a little short for a toro of this size. Price point of this cigar was around $6 each. The flavor notes really changed at the end. There is some sweetness from what appears to be charred cedar. There are also earth and coffee notes. The orange citrus which started so nicely faded quickly, changing to nutmeg, and here at the end the nutmeg notes went away. The finish remained pretty much unchanged. The cigar reached medium to full bodied. This cigar made some major changes along the way. I loved the way it started but it quickly changed. The loss of orange citrus and all that amazing sweetness at the beginning was not a good thing for me. Although I am a fan of A. J.'s cigars this one made some drastic changes in a negative way.

Score: 90

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