March 22, 2015

Punch Signature Robusto (5 x 54)

Video review HERE.

The new Punch Signature starting hitting shop shelves this week. To create the Punch Signature, Master Blender Agustin Garcia and his team kept true to the original Punch blend by using tobaccos from the same countries as the original. Development of the Punch Signature began in 2012.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo
Binder: Proprietary Connecticut Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican

Available sizes:
Robusto; 5 x 54 $6.79 (REVIEWED TODAY)
Gigante; 6 x 60 $7.39
Rothschild; 4.5 x 50 $5.39
Torpedo; 5.75 x 52 $6.99

The cigar has a very dense feel. This usually means we'll have a long burn. The cigar is a reddish brown color. 

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors were a licorice/cedar combination. There was a lot of sweetness and coffee at the base. The pepper was a black pepper rated at an 8. The finish has a lot of influence of the licorice with a lot of lingering black this early stage.

About 1/2 inch in the burn is a little off but it's a very humid day today. The flavors are about like I described previously but now I have some buttery notes and richness in the cedar and licorice flavors. The pepper is very explosive on the finish, which has now changed over to a sweet cream. The cigar is medium bodied and I feel it will ramp up very soon.

About one inch in the burn is improving. The licorice notes are moving to the lower level of flavors, along with the coffee. The cedar is still very buttery rich and sweet. There is a touch of brown sugar giving the cigar even more sweetness. The cigar is very close to medium to full bodied now. The finish is unchanged. The lingering black pepper on the finish is amazing. It tingles continuously.

Somewhere around the midpoint the licorice is very subtle. The cedar is still very sweet and the buttery notes have tailed off just a bit. The cigar is now full bodied. The finish is unchanged.

You will get a nice long smoke out of this robusto. The sweet, buttery cedar is still the main flavor and there are some to toasty aspects. The licorice is gone. The brown sugar is still nice. The pepper remains very good especially on the finish. 
This has been one of the best Punch cigars I've ever had. I very much enjoyed it and imagine how long you'll get out of the 6x60 Gigante! These are on shelves now and well worth trying.

To try Punch Signature cigars for yourself go HERE to purchase.

Score: 92

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