May 16, 2015

Room 101 El Mas Chingon #3 (Double Toro) (6 1/2 x 60)

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Famous Smoke Shop has teamed up with Room 101 Cigars to produce the new El Mas Chingon. Each cigar is a 60 ring gauge. They are a blend of Dominican, Mexican, and Honduran tobaccos with a Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. 

Available in these sizes:
Rothschild 4 1/2 x 60
Robusto 5 1/2 x 60
Double toro 6 1/2 x 60 REVIEWED TODAY
7 1/2 x 60

Retail price is $6.50 to $8.00 per cigar

The cigar is quite dark and well made. It has a fairly dense fell in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap was effortless. The initial flavors were blackberry, graham cracker, coffee, and brown sugar. The pepper seems to be a low grade black pepper rated at an 8. The finish is toasted cream with touches of butter and a little lingering black pepper. The cigar is medium bodied at this point.

About one inch in the flavors have changed. I lost the blackberries. There is a combination of sweet cedar, dry wood, coffee, and dark chocolate. The finish is unchanged. 

About 1 3/4 inch in the cigar is burning very evenly. The blackberry notes are back! They remind me of blackberry jelly. There is still sweet cedar and brown sugar. There are a lot of dry wood notes. There seem to be some buttery notes present. In the last segment the dark chocolate notes may have been the blackberry notes in disguise. There is still coffee notes at the base.

Approaching the final third the cigar is consistent other than the dry wood notes which are very prominent. They seem to detract from the sweeter flavors. 

With only a couple inches remaining it is apparent that the dry wood is overpowering. It is taking away some of the sweeter notes. I am losing the ability to distinguish between the blackberry and cedar. They are there but becoming subtle. At this point it's all about the dry wood.

At the end the dominance of the dry wood continued. There is a subtle sweetness of cedar and a low grade blackberry note. There were still coffee notes at the base. The pepper ended at a 7 1/2. The finish was still a toasted cream with lingering black pepper and a minor amount of butter. The cigar started very nicely but tailed off with the massive amount of dry wood. I would like to try the Rothschild at 4 1/2 x 60 to see if the main flavors were more prominent in a shorter cigar. The El Mas Chingon cigars are now available at Famous Smoke Shop and I would urge you to give them a try to see what you think. 

Score: 88

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