June 09, 2015

Boveda to donate 50% of sales on June 10-11th to CRA‏

Boveda is going to donate 50% of all sales on June10-11th at BovedaStore.com to CRA. Not 50% of margin, not 50% up to a certain limit - 50% of all total retail product sales. Someone spends $100, we're sending $50 to CRA.

Charles Rutherford of Boveda explains, "The idea was hatched at Cigar Fest when I was talking with Glynn Loope about how we might be able to help pump up donations, separate from membership fees.

There may not be a busier or more committed man in the cigar industry that Glynn and CRA, so we wanted to do our best to help support his incredibly valuable efforts."

From the Boveda website:
Every day, Cigar Rights of America is actively defending the rights of growers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers of premium cigars. With the FDA’s intention of regulating cigars, their work has never been more important.

Because we’re committed to the health of the cigar industry, we’ve decided to donate 50% of retail sales on June 10-11th to CRA. You heard that right, half of every dollar you spend at BovedaStore.com is going to CRA to help keep the FDA out of your humidor and your decisions.

There’s never been a better time to stock up on Boveda. Forward this to your family with your Father’s Day requests, forward it to your cigar pals and let them know.

And by all means, show your commitment to the rights of cigar fans and become a member of CRA.

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