July 12, 2015

Las Calaveras EL 2015 LC50 (5 x 50)

Video review HERE.

Crowned Heads has released this year's version of Las Calaveras. Last year I reviewed the first edition of this cigar. Las Calaveras pays tribute to those who have died in the previous year. It is a limited edition cigar with each vitola limited to 1,250 boxes of 24. The cigars are rolled at My Father Cigars S.A. in EstelĂ­, Nicaragua.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Rosado
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

Available sizes:
5 x 50 robusto LC50 ($9.95) REVIEWED TODAY
6 x 52 toro LC52 ($10.95)
5 5/8 x 46 corona gorda LC46 ($8.95)

The cigar is well made and a dark brown in color. It has a nice dense feel in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap was almost effortless. The initial flavors were light graham cracker, earth, black coffee, and black pepper rated at an 8.

*Note: Add 3 minutes to all the times shown. Someone forgot to start the clock!!!!

A little over an inch in the sweetness is elevated. The graham cracker notes also have sweet whipped cream and light boysenberry notes. There is a hint of butter and I am hoping it develops. There is a little dry wood. The finish is a sweet cream with a small amount of lingering black pepper. The cigar is medium bodied at this point. The sweetness is very nice and very much elevated at this point.

At the midpoint (30 minutes) there are still the light graham cracker notes, whipping cream, brown sugar, coffee notes and dry wood. The boysenberry notes are gone. The finish also has some brown sugar to go along with the sweet cream. The lingering black pepper is elevated on the finish. The cigar is medium to full bodied and I do not expect it to go any higher.

At the end the cigar continued with the graham cracker, brown sugar, touch of cream, dry wood, and black coffee. The cigar ended at medium to full bodied. The butter stayed on the fringe and barely detectable. I wish the cigar had more butter. In my opinion last year's version was a touch better but I very much enjoyed the flavors of this cigar. Smoke this cigar very slowly to get the maximum flavor.

Score: 92

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Peter Brown said...

Nice review! The finish of the cigar is both woody and nutty and moderate in length.