October 06, 2015

Macanudo Estate Reserve No. 9 (5 x 50)

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For the 2015 release of Macanudo Estate Reserve, the artisans of Macanudo blended a 10 year old Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper from the sun-drenched, highest priming, with proprietary Jamaican tobacco cultivated on small, independent farms and aged exclusively for this year's small batch offering.

Jhonys Diaz, master blender and vice president of operations said, "We selected a broadleaf wrapper for this year's release to deepen the flavor profile of the cigar. The wrapper delivers bold notes of leather and earth, while complementing the unique attributes of the Jamaican filler. This is a rich and complex smoke, one that will appeal to the true cigar lover."

The Jamaican tobacco tells a story all its own. The varietal used in Macanudo Estate Reserve is called  Silver  Tongue, a native seed favored by locals. It is an extremely low-yield tobacco and is the most expensive long-filler leaf in the world.

Due to the scarcity of Silver Tongue, this ezquisite cigar will only be available until the limited release of 1800 boxes per size is depleted.

Macanudo Estate Reserve 2015 will be available in three frontmarks, each in 10-count boxes and shipping in October.

No. 7 7x50 $17.00 each
No. 8 6x57 $18.00 each
No. 9 5x50 $16.00 each (REVIEWED TODAY)

The cigar is very dark and has an oily wrapper. It also has an average feel in the hand.

The initial flavors are espresso, semi-sweet dark chocolate, and roasted almonds. There was black pepper rated at a 7 1/2. You get the feel the cigar is already medium to full bodied.

One inch in and the burn is perfect. Add graphite, or lead, to the above flavors. There is also a faint amount of sweet cedar from time to time. The finish is one of bread, which may sound a bit odd. There is also a small amount of lingering black pepper. The cigar is medium to full bodied.

At the midpoint the ash is still intact. There is no splintering. The lead flavor is the espresso, followed by the semi-sweet dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and lead. The ever so slight sweet cedar is still noted from time to time. It is intermittent. The cigar is medium to bull bodied. The finish has improved to a lightly sweet cream. There is a touch of lingering black pepper. I'm impressed by the ash. This would make a good after dinner cigar.

With 2 inches remaining I am happy to report the lead notes have gone. You now have dark espresso, semi-sweet dark chocolate, and roasted almonds. We're back where we started!


The cedar was the best from the last quarter onward. They were not great but they were the best at this time. The espresso, semi-sweet dark chocolate and roasted almonds were the main flavors. The black pepper remained good and the finish was unchanged. This is a celebratory cigar in my opinion. I could see it as a good after dinner cigar.

Score: 90

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