November 27, 2015

Vudu Dark Robusto (4 3/4 x 50)

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VUDU Dark is what happens when Jesus Fuego's master blending mojo is in full effect...he's conjured up rich, dark and delicious flavors from a mix of potent Nicaraguan tobaccos, and finished them off with a naturally deep, deep brown, sun grown Pennsylvania wrapper that glistens with oil. Full bodied, full flavored - this Vudu Dark is one that enchants the taste buds. Available in four sizes, and packed in a refillable vacuum seal humidor jar with included Boveda pack. 

The cigar has a slighly oily wrapper and feels very dense in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors were earthy coffee, milk chocolate, sweet cream, and black pepper rated at an 8. The pepper is lingering very nicely on the finish and palate. The finish is one of a sweet cream with some dry nuts. I really like the lingering black pepper. This cigar is touted as a full bodied cigar and I sort of get that feeling right away.

About one inch in there is some subtle sweet cedar to go along with the other flavors. The earthy coffee reminds me of an Ethiopian coffee. The sweeter flavors are secondary at this point. I will go ahead and say the cigar is full bodied. Even at this early stage it appears to be full bodied. The Vudu Dark seems to be the type that would be a good after dinner cigar.

At the midpoint the mild chocolate notes are really coming out and they are ahead of the coffee notes. The lingering black pepper continues to be very good on the finish.

The cigar ended a little earlier than I expected. The flavors at the end included a little dry cedar along with the other stated flavors. The cigar did not do a lot of changing. This was a good dark noted cigar that I believe would make a good after dinner cigar. The lingering black pepper was very impressive. The cigar ended full bodied. You can try these cigars by going HERE.

Score: 89

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