January 10, 2016

Crowned Heads La Imperiosa Magicos (4 1/2 x 52)

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The newest regular production line from Crowned Heads is La Imperiosa and it’s the same blend as the 2014 Las Calaveras which I reviewed in November, 2014. The sizes of the La Imperiosa are slightly different from the original release. The original Las Calaveras sizes were LC550 (5 x 50), LC652 (6 x 52) and LC754 (7 x 54) last year.

The La Imperiosa, which consists of an Ecuadorian habano oscuro wrapper covering binder and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, (same as original Las Calaveras) returns as a regular production cigar. There will be four different violas initially, all of which will be sold in boxes of 24: 

Available vitolas:
Corona Gorda (5 3/4 x 46)
Magicos (4 1/2 x 52) REVIEWED TODAY
Double Robusto (6 3/8 x 50)
Dukes (5 1/2 x 54)

Prices range from $8.25 to $9.75 each.

The cigar is very dark and well made. It has a nice feel in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap had just a slight firmness which is about perfect. The initial flavors at light up were heavy coffee notes, sweet boysenberry and chocolate. There was also a touch of dry wood. There is a lot of sweetness initially. The coffee is a dark roasted coffee which is almost an espresso. The pepper is a black pepper rated at a 7 1/2.

About 1 inch in the boysenberry notes are changing over to a sweet raisin flavor. The chocolate notes make the flavors taste a lot like chocolate covered raisins. The coffee notes are very heavy. The dry wood notes are no longer there. The finish is a sweet cream with some influence from the raisin notes. There is quite a bit of lingering black pepper. The cigar is medium to full bodied at this point.

About 2 inches in there are now some buttery notes making the cigar a little richer. The other flavors are unchanged but the slight buttery notes are nice. The cigar is full bodied now.

While the Las Calaveras I reviewed in 2014 received a score of 93 this cigar did not have the abundant richness the Las Calaveras had. It had much the same flavors but lacked the richness. Perhaps it's the larger ring gauge; not sure. The raisin and chocolate notes were slightly decreased in the final third. The coffee notes remained heavy. The cigar ended at full bodied with no change in the finish. This cigar was a tick below the original Las Calaveras but still a very good cigar.

Score: 91

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